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Imagine Ward 1 is one star in a group of six.

All connected in a constellation we call Takoma Park.

As your city council representative,  

I pledge to make the connections we need.

When We Connect, We Care.

Each ward is made up of 1000's of life stories that connect us. 

Each ward has its own solar system of unique problems.

Together we must navigate our challenges to find solutions.

No matter how far across the city we are from each other. 

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Elizabeth Wallace

Hi, thank you for taking the time to get to know me today.


I trust we will  find that we share many of the same core values and hopes for our lives and our families.


Like the stars, our values are the anchor points for sharing our stories. 


I am committed to conscientiously work with you to find solutions to the challenges that face Ward 1. However, we are just one part of the constellation of Takoma Park. I pledge to find ways to connect the residents, businesses and city services across the borders of our wards, and the cities that surround us. 

Like you, I want to ensure a cohesive city council, symbiotic with the community and our environment. I'm committed to equity for residents, city staff and businesses of all sizes.

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I pledge to 

  • Act decisively in the face of climate change.

  • Dig deep into disparities data, by neighborhood, not just census block.

  • Insist we deliver specific outcomes, not just resources.

  • Inspect what we expect from city government using applied metrics and transparent project management.

  • Facilitate reaching goals on time by providing city staff and residents with the necessary tools and skillsets.

What distinguishes me from the other two candidates? Practical experience. 

  • We have a city budget problem: I founded and ran a business fo 29 years. Most last less than five. So I know how to keep my finger on the financial pulse and be responsible for employees.

  • We have a duty to our students who were affected by disruptions in schooling to help them thrive: Our Recreation Department can help! I've produced two Spring Break culture camps to introduce children 4-10 to the countries of Korea and Mali through arts, sports, food and to their Ambassadors on Embassy Row. I hope to introduce our teens to STEM career opportunities through my contacts in the commercial (outer) space industry, construction and more. 

  • We have affordable housing challenges: I've hosted over 150 professionals from around the world in my home because they couldn't afford to accept internships otherwise. I look forward to engaging in creative solutions for affordable housing for all socioeconomic backgrounds to assure we maintain a diverse community,

  • We have to keep our city safe: So that I could understand the needs of the police force as well as the community, I've served on Chief DeVaul's Advisory board for two years, attended the Civilian Police Academy, was awarded a 911 dispatcher's certificate, gone on ride-alongs and have a goal of getting to know every police officer on the force personally.

  • We have to mitigate climate change effects: I was an intern at Citizen's Climate Lobby and have been attending our own stewardship groups as well. My experience designing habitats on Mars and the Moon also prepares me for thinking about solutions on Earth as our environment becomes more extreme.

I will do my best to show you I have the diverse skill sets, experience, empathy and understanding to earn the privilege of being your representative.

Let's connect!

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Let's Connect!

Thanks for connecting!

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