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Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I would like to be your Ward 1 representative on the Takoma Park City Council. 


My job up until November 8 is to make you feel confident that I have the skill sets and experience, empathy and understanding to earn that privilege. If I succeed, and you choose me, I promise to conscientiously find solutions to the challenges that face our ward specifically and to reach across the borders of not only our wards but those of the cities near us that affect us. 

I want to ensure a cohesive and symbiotic city committed to equity for all of its residents. Everyone should feel that they have enough to eat, a comfortable home, ample healthcare and opportunities for education and employment. We also need safe neighborhoods to walk in, raise our children in and in which to enjoy making friends with our neighbors. We need to get to know each other so that despite our differences, we know we share many of the same core values and hopes for our children and loved ones.  ​

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I bring skill sets and a wide perspective from my experiences as an owner of three different businesses, a volunteer, and an employee.

My Values

Community Oriented
Growth Focused
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