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Connect Takoma

Think across the wards. Our city is a summation of all that has happened in it, and will happen.

I know when I walk down the leafy sidewalks in my neighborhood, I often get stuck thinking these lovely streets and Old Town is Takoma Park. And it isn't. Takoma Park is made up of 6 wards with their distinct personalities, landmarks, favorite haunts, architecture and lifestyles.

We've talked about how to reach across the wards and get to know each other better. Some people have a nostalgia for the city going back decades. Some are newcomers who aren't aware of the various histories we've experienced.

There are all kinds of ways to share the stories.

  • Serendipitously.

  • Over coffee.

  • During a volunteer event.

  • At our child's soccer game or the PTA.

  • At a zoom book club.

  • At a city council meeting -- kinda sorta

However, some of us don't have time or don't know of those opportunities.

Perhaps more intentional events could be orchestrated that get at the meat of the divides more quickly. We could follow the lead of

  • Braver Angels: A non-profit that orA non profit that dedicated to political depolarization which helps participants attempt to better understand each other's positions and discover their shared values. Perhaps we could even use that between community groups and developers.

  • Human Library. At a Human Library event, "A book ... is a person who volunteered to represent a stigmatized group in the community and based on their personal experiences can answer questions from readers to help challenge what is being said/told/understood about a given topic. To help shed light on the facts as you know them. Books are not political or on a mission when with us, but rather able to surrender to the agenda of the reader and allow them control of the conversation."

Want to help?

Connect Takoma: When we connect, we care.

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