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Inspect Takoma

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Property taxes, as you well know, are connected inextricably to the budget.

More and more people I talk to wonder if we should have Montgomery County take over our public works, library and police services. I think we need to take an objective look at what that would mean logistically as well as financially.

That being said it can be disconcerting, to say the least, to any city employee. But please don't shoot the messenger. We need to have an honest dialog.

While we blame Takoma Park Government, because they are who we identify with, Montgomery County is also part of the issue. Cumulatively, the total tax amounts are causing many people who've lived here for decades to rethink where they can affordably live. This is not unique to Takoma Park. This is a global problem. Perhaps we can start a Deferred Tax Program like Massachusetts has been using for decades. That way persons, say over 65, would defer paying their taxes until their home is sold.

With what looks like a $7M deficit, despite ARPA funds and other grants, residents are also worried about fiscal responsbility. The budget is a 366 page read. I'd love to have a study buddy for it but, in all seriousness, I think all new city councilmembers, especially the new ones, should have a guided "slow read" of it together before we/they embark on a new year of decision making.

I ran a business for 29 years, when most last for 18 these days, through good times and tough times and came out on top at the end. Therefore, I think I am uniquely qualified of the three candidates for Ward 1 since I was able to navigate the storms, be fiscally responsible and take care of my employees.

Connect Takoma: To transparency and metrics so we understand what our city employees are accompilshing for us. When we connect, we care.

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