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Public Safety

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Some people prefer that I not mention crime in Takoma. Other friends make sure I'm equipped with a portable phone charger and pepper spray.

I've gone on ride alongs with the police department to be better informed but only during the day as I'm a still wuss.

But if you want to be informed, you can subscribe to the Takoma Park Police Department's Community Advisory. It's an email sent as needed and it reports various crimes including car thefts, missing persons, armed assaults, home burglaries and more.

Takoma Park is part of the DMV and it's happening everywhere.

I pledge

I pledge to support the TPPD to continue to keep our residents informed; to provide us with helpful preventive information; to encourage Ward 1 residents to meet and greet our officers, and to provide an ongoing and updated list of incidents.

Mongtomery County provides one on their portal but I imagine ours will be more like Cathy's emails. I think it also a good idea to let the public know the status of investigations.

In the meantime, you can get on the email list by contacting:

Catherine Plevy, Public Information Officer, TPPD.


Phone: 301-891-7142

Cell: 240-338-2901

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