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Takoma Metro and EYA

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

The latest iteration of the proposed development at the Takoma Metro proposes a mixed use building with up to 320 apartments and 10,000 square feet of retail space. There would be about 2 acres of park space.

DC recently passed an amended Comprehensive Plan which will facilitate medium density commercial use at this location. It features a retail plaza with terraced steps toward the Metro entrance as well as a woonerf, a what?, a woonerf to meet two goals: allow for retail loading as well as pedestrian traffic.

But there will be only 125 parking spaces for retail and residents. The current Metro parking would be relocated and reduced in size to 85 spaces.

On April 25, Caren Garfield, Evan Goldman, and Pamela Lee of EYA made a presentation to ANC 4B re the Proposed Takoma Metro Station Development (15 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion). I will contact ANC 4B to see if I can get a copy.

WMATA will still have to approve it.

I am checking to see if/when study will be performed regarding the effect on traffic and congestion

I know that many people in Ward 1 are concerned about:

  • Walking to or from the Metro at night, women especially have mentioned their concern, since it will no longer be as open.

  • The amount of traffic that will increase on Eastern, Cedar and Carroll, all of which are only 2 lanes wide.

  • Possible parking overflow into Ward 1 by residents of or visitors to the building.

  • Security - perhaps a DC police substation in the retail area might be of help.

  • Stormwater runoff during and after construction - Neighbors on Eastern already experience a lot of runoff from the bus parking lane.

For right now, we need to stay in good, respectful communication with all stakeholders in DC so that we can find solutions together.

Connect Takoma MD to Takoma DC: When we connect, we care.

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