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Reflect Takoma

Some of us think COVID is behind us, some of us think it's here to stay. All of us know what toll it's taken on our families, our neighbors, our local businesses and our front line workers.

During the epidemic I erected a small memorial on my front yard. Just little pink and white flags, one for each death in Takoma Park. Everyone of them are anonymous to me except one. Everyone of them are connected to us.

I have more than once asked the city council to consider a memorial to those who have lost their lives. I am going to keep asking.

Perhaps the reticence is due to the fact that we don't know its end point.

At a recent Death Cafe meeting at Rhizome, we discussed the idea of a memorial and it was suggested that it not just recognize those who have died but also the traumatization of our society, and uniquely Takoma Park.

This would definitely require a city-wide conversation to reveal our pain, strengthen our bonds, and collaborate on a project that would represent all of our stories.

Would you be interested in helping? Please connect with me.

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